About me

About me

I had my first software development portfolio when I was 19, since then I’m working as full-time developer. I’m a geek to the bone, Interested in everything which is related to IT (except for stuff where you actually have to do memory management or lower level than C) my main interest as a professional is towards the cloud and solutions based on it, Javascript and functional programming. I also like raspberry projects, including building hardware (ordering cool chips).

Currently,  I work as a backend/frontend engineer with a Java/Spring + Javascript/Angular stack.


  • Modern web technologies.
  • Object-oriented design and architecture.
  • Amazon Cloud infrastructure knowledge.

Languages and Frameworks

  • PHP 3y
  • JAVA 2y
  • SPRING 1y
  • GIT 3y
  • MySQL 3y
  • AWS 1y

Why you should hire me

  • I will work my butt off if I’m doing something that I like.
  • Passionate about backend and cloud.
  • Comfortable working in an agile environment.
  • I appreciate constructive criticism and thrive in an environment with direct, open and honest communication.

Check out my: CV.pdf CV.docx